We believe in foods that
do good, doing good

FOODS Raízes do Campo

Do you know where the food that is on your table comes from?

Everything we consume has an origin, and Raízes do Campo is concerned with offering quality products that do real good. When we talk about health, we go beyond a complete food: we are talking about an entirely healthy chain. This chain is represented by the link between farming and peasant families and the consumer, strengthening relationships and providing benefits for all.

We want to bring producers and consumers together with quality products, organizing the processes in a way that generates value for the producing families. Raízes do Campo has the capacity and knowledge to be a fundamental link in the production chain, bringing more transparency, efficiency and a balanced and fair distribution of value to everyone involved

 Raízes do Campo has the vision of promoting a healthier world based on foods that nourish and do good: healthy foods produced in a process of reducing pesticides, free from transgenics and, many times, also organic.

Soon you will get to know our products, where and how to buy them and start to be part of this movement to nourish the world.

    Raízes do Campo

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