Agroecology is our way of thinking and our way to act. A cycle in constant construction, which has the pillars of diversity and sustainability in the production of healthy foods, strengthening relationships and nurturing people and society.


Agroecology is a science that incorporates several disciplines of knowledge such as: agronomy, ecology, economics, sociology, anthropology, history, geography, biology and trading, which makes it possible to build productive strategies that can maximize each step of the production and life processes based on this production, incorporating and intertwining scientific and popular knowledge.

In this sense, we understand that agroecology is a model of agriculture dedicated to the production of food, incorporating ecological principles, which seek social and economic sustainability in a relationship of respect for the environment. It must be socially just, ethically correct, inclusive, economically viable and direct and fundamentally related to family and peasant production, and their organizational forms. An agriculture that is guided by gender and generational equity, by distribution of the wealth produced throughout all the links and subjects that are part of the production chains. It is a cyclical and virtuous spiral, based on the synergy between family and peasant agriculture, ecological principles and science.


We work in search of sustainable practices based on ecological principles to manage agro-ecosystems, seeking the possible symbiosis between agriculture, ecology and social and economic aspects. In this way, we understand sustainability as a way of life that has the land as a space for human, geographical, historical, and also production relations.


For Raízes do Campo, healthy foods are real food, being little processed, non-GM and originating from family and peasant agriculture.

We understand and work with health as something that goes beyond the nutritional values ​​of food, considering the relationships and social and cultural aspects. Through these healthy foods, we provide quality of life, well-being and pleasure, both for those who produce and for those who consume, preserving the environment.

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