“Healthy relationships that nourish the world

This is our essence, which synthesizes Raízes do Campo brand’s value proposition and its impact to the world.

From our seed of competence and professionalism germinate our roots, our relationships that create a balanced chain, delivering complete food and generating a healthier world.



Some time ago, small farmers and rural cooperatives of the country’s agrarian reform found the existence of an unfair scenario in the marketing of their agricultural production. Concerned about organizing this production and building fair and sustainable commercialization processes, we began the change in the mindset of these producers and cooperatives, about the need for actions to radically change this scenario.

As a result, in 2019 we created Raízes do Campo, whose goal is to strengthen, organize and market the agricultural production of these partners, through the creation of a strong brand, which unifies and represents the values of agroecology and healthy food, enable access to the consumer market and add value to the production chain.

Raízes do Campo and its partners believe that for the existence of a more just and egalitarian society, it is essential to carry out the agrarian reform. The concrete experience has shown that access to land by rural workers enables the production of food in quantity and quality for society and, based on the principles of agroecology, food production occurs fairly and in harmony with the traditions and local culture.

Furthermore, we believe in respect and care throughout the chain, from producer to consumer. That is why we value diversity and inclusion in the production chains and in Raízes do Campo itself, carrying this care and respect throughout our history.


Our purpose is to recreate the relationships between those who produce and those who consume through food that nourishes and does good, thus cultivating a healthier world.

We offer healthy food aligned to agro-ecological processes, which promote benefits for all those involved in the production and consumption chain.

For us, health goes far beyond the physical benefits. Being healthy also means caring for and generating fair and positive interactions between people and nature, providing social, emotional, cultural, economic, and environmental well-being.

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    “Values that underpin our purpose,
    driving company’s behavior and culture”

    as a principle

    Agroecology guides our way of thinking and doing. It enables a more comprehensive look, which values the development of the countryside as a way to feed and nourish the world. Therefore, we do good for society, for the economy, and for the environment.

    food for
    the world

    We truly want to nourish the world. Our greatest wish is that everybody has healthy food on their tables that provides benefits for individuals and for the world.


    We believe that yes, everyone can win. It is through transparency and efficiency that we can distribute value to all parts of our production chain, from end to end, always in a balanced and fair way.


    Doing things well and getting better is part of who we are. We love what we do and we dedicate ourselves every day to improve our processes and evolve our knowledge. That is why we are always connected to new technologies and cultivation practices, to generate greater efficiency and competitiveness in everything we do.

    and inclusion

    Respecting the diversity of gender, race, and cultures is the first step to create a fairer and more inclusive world. Only then everyone can have the same opportunities, possibilities, and evolution. And this is how we want to see the world.


    "An inviting and mobilizing personality, that is also able to inspire."

    Raízes do campo  - Uma personalidade convidativa e mobilizadora, que também é capaz de inspirar

    To translate Raízes do Campo is to go much deeper into our essence. We are agents of change, focused on transforming and mobilizing to make it happen. We are experts about what we do and, through agroecology, we develop and expand our skills to produce increasingly healthy food and become a reference.

    In addition to that, people are part of all this change. We are inclusive, we empower each one to make it happen, following together in a cycle full of respect, recognition, commitment, and harmony. For this reason we always act with transparency, being coherent and fair in our actions and relationships. This attitude leads us to inspire and motivate, opening minds and awakening a new vision of what is really healthy for people and the planet.

    Meet our manifest
    Raízes do Campo

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